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HARS network company
Our company is based in central Europe. We are focusing to deliver the finest high quality apps for mobile devices.
In touch with influencers
Timiro app is the first world wide used social app, that HARS network company has made. Who wouldn´t like to have a personal face-to-face videocall with his favorite influencer? Or just ask him a question on his public stream! Feeling talkative? Start your own livestream. Easy to use, clean and minimalistic design and advanced functions at same time. Timiro app is available on App store and Google play.

Watch your favorite influencer live. Join the live chat and ask him a question. Use your Credits to support his content.

Feeling talkative? Join special Face-to-face stream with the streamer. He will appreciate gratefulness of every fan.

So you want to be a streamer? Feel free to try it out. Invite your friends or fans, become one of the Timiro streamers and earn the Credits!

The revolution is here.

Premium mobile device experience. Try out our finest apps such as Timiro. Download them on the App store or Google Play and join your friends.

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